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OER Consultancy

As a provider of OER consultancy services, we play an important role in supporting the development, implementation, and adoption of open educational resources. OER can have a significant impact on education by increasing access to quality learning materials, promoting collaboration and innovation, and reducing educational costs.

As an OER consultancy, we likely offer a range of services to assist educational institutions, organizations and individuals in leveraging open educational resources effectively.
Some key areas we focus on include:

Strategy and Planning

Helping clients develop a comprehensive OER strategy aligned with their educational goals and objectives. This involve conducting needs assessments, identifying potential barriers or challenges, and creating a roadmap for OER integration.

Content Creation and Curation

Assisting clients in finding, evaluating, and selecting appropriate OER materials for their specific needs. This involve creating customized OER collections, curating existing resources, or developing guidelines for creating and sharing OER.

Licensing and Copyright

Providing guidance on open licensing models, such as Creative Commons licenses, and helping clients navigate copyright issues related to OER use, adaptation, and attribution.

Training and Capacity Building

Offering workshops, training sessions, or professional development programs to educate educators and staff on OER benefits, discovery methods, evaluation criteria, and effective integration into teaching and learning practices.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Supporting clients in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of OER initiatives, including measuring student outcomes, assessing cost savings, and collecting feedback from stakeholders.